In contrast to other social media platforms, Instagram APIs don't provide direct publishing service to 3rd party software. When the time of publication of the approved Instagram post arrives, sends you an email or push notification as a reminder and then you can complete your publication via our mobile app.

Step 1:

Click on "Create New Post" at the bottom right corner, OR Click on "Compose" in the left menu section under "Publish", OR under a selected date click on " Create New Post".

Step 2:

Choose your Instagram account.

Step 3:

Pick a format, write your caption and drag & drop video or picture.

Step 4: 

Select the publishing date and time.

Step 5: Send for approval or Approve instantly. You can also tick "Publish Now" without scheduling it for later.

Step 6: Click "Create"

After you click "Create" your new post is going to appear in the calendar in green color if the content was initially approved, or in yellow color if the content requires approval. 

As we have mentioned already, Instagram publishing is a little bit more complicated and requires extra steps 🙂

Step 7: When scheduled date & time comes, you will receive a notification from mobile application that you can download here.

In Notifications, you will see all Instagram posts that require your further actions.

Step 8: Tap on a notification. Please be sure you are logged into an account you want to publish this connect on the Instagram and then in a new alert window, tap "Share".

Step 9: The system will show you 3 options, where you can publish your content as a: Direct message, Feed & Stories. Whichever format you choose the further process is similar to your regular posting from the mobile application itself.

Step 10: Publish a post in the format of your choice. Done! 

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