Whether you have been using Sociality.io for a while and it's time to grow or you are new to our platform, this article will walk you through how to invite team members to join.

Step 1: Head over your profile.

Step 2: On the left menu under "Account Settings" click on "Users”.

Step 3: Click on "Add New User".

Step 4:

Select a "User Type".

Sociality.io allows you to invite new users and assign permission beforehand. By choosing a "User Type" you select access level to new users' email addresses. 

If you give "Admin" permission to your new teammate the bottom section with a checkbox is going to disappear since Admin automatically has permissions to perform all the actions from the list.

Step 5: You can give different permissions to each user for each brand

However, if you would like to open access to only a few accounts or to perform specific tasks, for example, to only view conversations and manage them (Reply/Delete/Hide Conversations), then click on a "User" in the User Type section and tick checkboxes that you want the person to have access to. 

You could also select all actions, which allows a new member to access everything. However, his/her roles are going to be limited in other areas. Such as managing team members, for example.

Step 6: Click "Add".

Your main account is considered as "Owner". Thus you have permission to manage other members. Owner status gives you permission to change users' status and deactivate it for some time. Edit users or Delete them.

How to manage pending invitations? 

At the bottom part of the "Users" section, you can see the "Pending Invitations" part, where all pending invitations and details are displayed. It shows the email address, user type, date created. 

To send an invitation again, you can manually send an invitation to join your Sociality.io profile 🛠️

If you have changed your mind, or have sent an invitation to a wrong email you can easily delete the pending invitation by clicking on the "Delete" button.

How many users can I invite? 

Amount of users you can invite for a collaboration depends on your subscription plan. Sociality.io offers 3 pricing plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. 

Pro: Only 1 User

Business: Unlimited Users

Enterprise: Unlimited Users

To those who require to add more team members, we offer custom plans, the pricing of which you can calculate yourself using our calculator.

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