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Auto reports explained: How to create, delete or edit them?
Auto reports explained: How to create, delete or edit them?
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The Analytics module enables you to create automatic reports daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. With just a few clicks, you can generate comprehensive reports for Social Profiles, Competitors, Listening, and Conversation Activities. Say goodbye to manual data crunching and hello to effortless decision-making, as all the valuable information you need is delivered straight to your inbox. Stay ahead of the curve with Analytics and easily make sharper decisions.

How to create automatic reports?

  1. Navigate to the Analytics module.

  2. To generate customized social media reports, define the criteria in two simple steps. Start by selecting your desired social media platform, and then define the specific data range you want to include in your report.

  3. Click "Apply" to generate the report you want to schedule.

  4. When your report is generated, click the “Schedule” icon to create an automatic report.

  5. Define the auto report details in the appearing screen. Once you've specified the desired criteria, click “Schedule.” Your reports will be automatically generated and delivered according to your preferences.

  6. Here you go! Your report is scheduled 🤩

How to delete automatic reports?

  1. Click on “Settings” and it will directly navigate you to the "Brands" section on the following screen.

  2. In the appearing screen, navigate to the “Auto-Reports” menu. In this menu, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the reports generated and delivered automatically to your team members.

    • Click the “Status” button to disable the report.

    • Click the “Delete icon” to delete the report, and you will no longer receive it in the future.

How to edit automatic reports?

Unfortunately, you can't edit automatic reports 🥲 However, you can follow the steps mentioned above to delete the existing auto-report. After that, you can create a new auto-report with updated frequency, email, and format, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences 🤗

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