Since we offer our listen module for free with your plan, each plan has its monthly mentions limitations:

Pro: 250 mentions per month (But you can increase your limit)

Business: 500 mentions per month (But you can increase your limit)

Enterprise: You can define your limit depending on your needs

Of course, you can increase your limits by an additional purchase and please let us know if you need that.

What about e-mails about monthly mentions limit?

You will be notified when you reach %80 of your monthly mentions limit with an e-mail that is subjected as "Reaching Your Monthly Mentions Limit". Also in case you exceed the monthly mentions limit, we are sending a "Your Monthly mentions Limit Exceeded" e-mail. 

The e-mail means that our system sets your listening topics to a passive mode and no longer monitors the keywords. You will not be able to activate them until the beginning of next month. 

However, you can delete some data & keywords, that you might think aren't necessary. Or wait for the next month to reset their limit and start over. 

Note that after resetting, you would need to activate keywords manually yourself on the first day of the new month.

Can I check my limitation of the monthly mentions?

Sure thing, you can follow your monthly mentions limit percentage day by day on our homepage.

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