In the pricing page, you can notice that under dollar sign there is a "per service" icon. 

1 Service is equal to 1 social profile OR 1 competitor's social profile OR 1 team member.

So how can you decide your plan?

Let's elaborate and explain more:

Team member: Each Team member is calculated as 1 service.

Social Profiles: Connecting 1 social media profile is considered as 1 Service. Thus, if you want to connect Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account you need 3 Services. 

After you connect 3 social media profiles to you have access to unlimited post publishing, page conversation & engagement management, page reports, and monitoring.

Competitor Analysis: You can track your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Each competitors' 1 social media profile is equal to 1 Service. For example, If you want to track your competitor's Facebook and Instagram accounts, they will be calculated as 2 Services. 

After you connect competitors' accounts to, you will be able to create an unlimited amount of reports. There is no credit limitations for exporting your reports and you can compare 15 accounts at the same time.

How can I calculate the number of services I need? 

Calculating your total cost for all features you need can be easily done via our calculator, available here:

It sums up all your Services and multiplies it by price per Service of the package you choose.

Can I buy additional mentions? 

Yes, if you need more mentions you can purchase additional ones. It is $3/month extra for 500 mentions.  However, there is minimum amount of buying for plans:

Personal: 500 and multiples of 500 (1.500, 2.000…)

Team: 1.000 and multiples of 2.000 (3.000, 4.000…)

Business: 2.000 and multiples of 2.000 (4.000, 6.000…)

Of course, you can always contact with us if you are having a problem on calculating your plan with using [email protected]!

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