Examining and understanding metrics available for each of your ad and drawing conclusions from the data is crucial for learning what works and what doesn't. 

Although Sociality.io doesn’t provide metrics such as CPC or CPM, we have done very backbreaking work to present you the following data: 

First of all, We are PROUD that Sociality.io is the first tool in the world that allows you to detect your competitors' promoted Instagram posts with our Competitor Analysis module! Besides, you can also see their promoted and organic engagement metrics 🕺🕺🕺

Pay attention to the green icon on your competitors’ posts to detect if the post is promoted or organic. Also, the distribution of paid and organic engagement is also provided. You can filter promoted posts using our filter on the top section.

Also, You can see paid video views for Instagram! You can see the number of paid views on your Instagram profiles' reports and on your competitors as well!

Also, inside Sociality.io Social Profiles Reports, you can find some data including your ads:

  • Total Page Impression:

  • Total Page Reach

  • Total Post Impression

  • Video Views

  • Like Types

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