How can I verify my domain in Facebook?
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Facebook Doman Verification protects the integrity of your content, which is a vital concern for the Facebook community. Basically, it is a process that ensures to Facebook that you own the page, aka a domain is yours. A code inserted to your website will associate your Facebook page with your verified domain. 

Verified link owners have the ability to overwrite link metadata when creating link page posts. Thus bad actors won't be able to misuse your domain to spread misinformation about your brand. 

Note: If you are verifying a domain on behalf of a client (e.g., as an agency), please make sure that the domain is verified in the domain owner's Business Manager. They can always share access to the domain with your Business Manager later. Please see details for this step.

Can I avoid Domain Verification step?

Yes, you can. Many people find the process too long and too confusing. However, the domain verification gives you control over the appearance of your link attachments when you publish it to Facebook. 

Customizing thumbnails, editing headlines, and meta descriptions when sharing a link from your website will not be possible without Domain Verification.

If you feel convinced to verify your domain, take a long breath because we have quite a journey ahead of us. Let's get started! ✨

Phase 1: Add your domain to Facebook Business Manager

Step 2: Click on Business Settings.

Step 3: Under the Brand Safety section in the left side panel, click on Domains.

Step 4: Click on Add

Step 5: Enter your domain in the pop-up window.

Phase 2: Verify your domain

To implement domain verification, you need to choose between two different methods:

  1. Add a DNS TXT entry to your DNS record to confirm that you own the domain

  2. Upload an HTML file provided by Facebook to your web directory and confirm domain ownership in Business Manager

 ✨ Method 1 

Method 1 involves uploading a .txt file to your WebHost.

Step 1: Copy the TXT record from Facebook Business Manager. You can do this by clicking on the DNS Verification tab.

Step 2: Login into your domain provider account and go to the DNS records section.

Step 3: Paste your TXT record from Facebook Business Manager to your DNS record. 

Step 4: Once the changes have propagated across your domain's web servers, click the Verify button at the bottom of the DNS Verification tab on Facebook, for the selected domain.

Note: You'll notice the changes in the status section, where it will display as Verified with a green dot. It typically takes a few minutes to occur, but in some cases, the process might take up to 72 hours. 

 ✨ Method 2

Method 2 involves uploading an HTML file to your site.

Step 1: Download the HTML verification file.

Step 2: Upload this file to the root directory of your website. You'll be able to see that it's uploading, at the link provided in the HTML File Upload tab.

Step 3: Click Verify 

Note: You'll notice the changes in the status section, where it will display as Verified with a green dot. It typically takes a few minutes to occur, but in some cases, the process might take up to 72 hours.

Phase 3: Assign your Facebook Page to your verified domain

The next step is to assign your Facebook Page to your verified domain. This step tells Facebook that your Page has permission to change the link attachments because it is associated with your domain.

Step 1: In the Domains section, click on Connected Assets.

Step 2: Do you see your Facebook page listed? 

Step 3: If not, click on Add Assets to connect your Page with your verified domain.

Open access to Multiple Business Manager Accounts 

In case another Business Manager Account requires access to links customization, the following steps will enable other Business Manager accounts to do so by assigning them as "Partners" on your domain. 

Step 2: Click on Business Settings 

Step 3: Choose the domain you want to add as a Partner.

Step 4: Click on Partners > then Assign Partners.

Step 5: Inside a pop-up window, click on Role and choose Domain Admin from the dropdown. Generate a link that will allow another person to connect your verified domain to their Facebook Business Manager.

Step 6: Copy the link to your clipboard and then share the link with a person who you want to become a Partner for your domain. 

Step 7: If you know your Partner's Business ID already, you can click on Connect your domain using your Partner's business ID instead.

Step 8: From here, select a Role for your Partner (choose Domain Admin from the dropdown) and then enter their Business ID. Then, click Connect.

Step 9: Once your Partner accepts the invitation, you should be able to see their names listed under Domains > Partners.

Your Partners should see your verified domain listed in Domains section. It indicates that they can customize link attachment.

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