Enterprises and digital agencies manage multiple brands under one umbrella. platform helps you to organize all connected social media accounts inside different brands. Fundamentally, a brand works as a “folder” for different social media accounts. Thus, you will be able to organize publishing, engaging, reporting, and listening processes with ease.

Moreover, use our platform collaboratively with your teammates, who can have limited authority to only specific brands they are responsible for.

To add a brand to your account please go to your account settings and follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Inside your account settings click on the “+” icon

Step 2: Upload the logo of your brand

Step 3: Add categories and attributes, which will be used in the data processing step

Step 4: Click “Save”

After creating a brand, add your social media accounts, invite your users, connect competitors accounts, add engagement templates and listening keywords topics. All the information related to your brand will be displayed on your dashboard in the upper right corner. 

Note: At we don’t limit our users from creating brands. The limitation is based on the social media account you connect to our platform. The distribution between social media and brands is up to your needs. For example, you can create 10 brands with 1 social media or 2 brands with 5 profiles.

How to open brand-specific accesses to team members?

Whether you want to show the workflow to clients or manage the distribution of responsibilities within the team, helps you to stay organized. With the brand feature, you can show targeted information to specific stakeholders. 

To add a new user follow these steps: Profile > Users > + Add New User

You’ll see a table with specific accesses to either view only or participate in the processes. 

For example, you can open access to your client by selecting View Posts, Conversations, Mentions, and Reports. This way, your client will see posts, conversations, mentions, and reports related to his/her brand only. 

Also, you can open access to your team members by selecting only to view and reply/delete/hide conversations under the specific brand, so that he/she will be responsible only to engage with a brand’s audience.

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