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Updated over a week ago Publish module helps social media marketers to manage social media content scheduling and automation with ease on one collaborative calendar ✨

We are constantly improving our Publish module by evaluating the current and emerging needs of social media marketers who require the following features:

  • Seamlessly publish content to all social media channels

  • Organize and set approval workflow

  • Save time by working on a joint schedule with your team

On top of that, we’ve powered up our Publish module with more minor features that make the publishing process efficient and easy to use.

  • Color labels for a content calendar

  • 4 different calendar views (week, month, agenda, and social feed)

  • Special days marked inside the content calendar

  • Internal notes

  • Filter content by social media or status (published, scheduled, needs approval, error, and notes)

How to automatically publish and schedule your content via

Step 1:

You can create content by clicking “Compose” under the Publish module, OR by clicking on the date, OR by clicking the plus sign on the bottom right.

Step 2:

Create a post by selecting one or several social pages.

Note: By selecting more than one platform, you can only create common types of posts. For example, if you want to post a 360-degree panorama photo on Facebook, you won’t be able to post it to Instagram too.

You can see how your content looks on the selected social pages from the preview section.

Step 3:

Schedule your posts for a future time or publish them immediately. If you need to get approval from someone else, you can send posts for approval.

Note: You can publish your posts in real-time only if you have permission to approve posts.

Step 4:

After content is approved, it will be automatically scheduled on Facebook and will be displayed inside the content calendar in green color.

How to approve the content on

Step 1:

The “Social Feed” displays your content in a zoomed list view. From the top section, click on Status > Needs Approval. All posts that require approval will be displayed in one place.

Step 2:

By clicking on the “tick” icon, you’ll approve the content. Note that you need to have approval authority.

Also, you can get a PPT file with all posts requiring approval or your previous month’s published posts by clicking on the PPT icon.

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