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Monitor and retrieve your brands' and competitors' insights. Track and analyze conversations around essential keywords to uncover consumer's sentiments and your real brand health. gathers social listening data from Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, News, and Web — all in one place for effective team collaboration. 

  • Monitor the web and social media

  • Add or remove keywords freely

  • Track the latest news about your brand

How to create a listening topic? 

Please read this article, where you’ll find step by step explanations on creating a new listening topic as well as our intelligent practices on reaching the best performing results:

How to use the Listening module? 

After you’ve successfully created listening topics, you can access the data of the keywords/ topics you defined in the account settings panel-from social media, news, blogs, forums, and more inside the Listening module.

Use the settings panel to further filter unimportant results:

  • Switch between topics/keywords

  • You can enter the word you want to search. At the same time you can access all the comments on the related content by entering the ID parameter of Facebook Post or Instagram Post.

  • Select one or several sources (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Web, News, and Blogs)

  • Filter on incoming data by selecting process and source types

  • Define the time frame

  • Export the data found on the selected topic to Excel

  • Get automatically generated excel documents with the frequency you choose

After you click on “Apply” listening results will appear. To make the monitoring process efficient, assign this conversation to someone in your team or you can go to the URL to see the data on the related page. Moreover, delete the unnecessary data or save the important ones.

Listening Reports

Discover valuable insights about brand health and step closer to understanding your audience. Our reports provide your stakeholders with visually appealing graphics and charts that intuitively report important metrics and show your progress and gaps for improvement. All reports are unlimited and can be downloaded in Excel, PPT, PDF formats.

  • Get to your report by selecting the keyword.

  • Filter the sources of the incoming data from the Sources tab.

  • Filter data processing. Prepare separate reports for sentiment, attribute and category from the process filter menu. 

  • Define the time frame.

  • Schedule automatic reports specific to your business needs to easily track your most valued social data on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. The Listening report will be sent directly to your email in Excel, PPT, PDF formats right when you need it.

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