Here you are. That means the waiting is over and direct publishing for Instagram finally came to your fav social media management tool, After waiting almost a century, Facebook introduced Instagram Content Publish API and with this feature, Instagram business accounts are able to publish and schedule their posts directly to Instagram through 3rd party platforms 🥳

Now you can easily publish your post directly to Instagram such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube without waiting for the push notification on your mobile phone. No more time-consuming manual processes.

What are the content types I can share directly to Instagram?

Account Type: Only Instagram Business accounts are supported

Content Types: You can publish or schedule single photo or single video posts to your Instagram feed directly.

PLEASE NOTE: Some content types such as carousel and story aren’t supported by Instagram's API and not available on the any social media management platform. But you can still publish these types with through 2-step process.

What are the requirements for direct publishing?

📸 Photo Requirements

Formats: JPEG/JPG is supported

Maximum file size: medias up to 8MB are supported

Aspect ratio: Must be within a 4:5 to 1.91:1 range

Width: Assets within 320 and 1440 are supported

🎬 Video Requirements

Formats: MOV and MP4 are supported

Maximum file size: files up to 100MB are supported

Aspect ratio: within 4:5 to 16:9 range are supported

🔤 Caption character limit: Maximum 2200 characters

#️⃣ Hashtags: You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post (included in caption character limit)

🌀 Mentioned users: You can mention up to 20 users per post. Mentioned Instagram users will receive a notification when your post goes live (included in caption character limit).

🚩 Number of posts: You can only publish up to 25 posts per Instagram account directly with our platform within a 24-hour moving period. So if you need to publish more than 25 Instagram posts in a day on the same Instagram account, which is great, you may publish additional posts via Instagram app once you max out your daily direct publishing limit.

How can I use Instagram direct publishing?

  1. Don’t you have any Instagram Business accounts connected to Then it's easy peasy. Just connect your Instagram page as in our article here and ta-da! You are ready to try direct publishing and share your post. No further step is needed.

  2. If you already connected your Instagram business accounts before 09 February 2021, all you need to do is refresh your Instagram account’s access token to enable Instagram direct publishing feature as in our article here. Just a quick reminder - before following these steps first you need to be logged in to the related Instagram page.

  3. This is important because if you try publishing directly without refreshing the access token, you get a message that says your access token for this page is invalid and it might be annoying. If you have tried to publish your content directly and already get this error message that means it’s time to refresh your access token.

Once you refresh your access token or connect your page for the first time, you are ready to go. Here is the deal:

  • Head over to Publish module and select the compose

  • Select your Instagram Business profile

  • Choose your desired content type of your post

  • Upload your photo/video and add your caption

  • Publish your post immediately or select a future date and time to schedule it

What a relief. We are happy to announce that probably the most requested feature in our history. If you have further questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to drop us a line by clicking the button below.

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