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Can I have access to the historical data of my competitors?
Can I have access to the historical data of my competitors?
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It depends. When your competitor page was added to our pool for the first time, the system starts to track the metrics from the time pages were added. Especially for the number of followers of the pages, the system starts to save the followers number from the day pages were added. Unfortunately, the social channels APIs' don't provide historical data for the followers of the page πŸ₯²

On the other hand, for the other metrics such as posts, engagement, likes, comments, etc., when the page is added once, the system saves the last 100 posts of the page so you can see these metrics historically* πŸ•΅οΈ

For this reason, for a more detailed date range, some metrics such as the number of followers or follower growth will not be available for historical reports πŸ“Š

*Historical data is not available for the X (formerly known by Twitter). You can see the data of your competitors by the date you have added them to our platform.

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