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Common issues with starting subscriptions
Common issues with starting subscriptions
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Here are possible scenarios that prevent you from starting your subscription to 🍀

To be able to complete your subscription, you should be sure that you are matching the following requirements:

You can’t find the “Start My Subscription” button 🥺

Check your “Role” status 👨🏻‍💻 Your role must be “Owner” to continue with the payment and subscription. If your role is “Admin” or “User,” please ask “Owner” to complete the subscription process.

To check your role status:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click “Users” under the Team section.

  3. There you go! You can now see your role and your team details.

You want to select the “Pro” plan, but you can’t select it 🥲

The reason can be that you do not match the Pro plan requirements. Please be sure that you are matching the Pro plan criteria and that you don’t have:

  • more than 1 user,

  • more than 10 pages.

If you want to continue with the Pro plan, simply decrease the number of users to 1 and the number of pages to 10 or fewer.

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