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How to change/update invoice details?
How to change/update invoice details?
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At, changing/updating your invoice details is a breeze. 🙌

Before we walk through the steps of changing/updating your invoice details on, there are a few essential details to consider:

  • Please remember that only users with “Owner” status can see past and upcoming invoices.

  • If you are a user with an “Admin” or “User” status, please ask “Owner” to provide invoice information.

Follow these simple steps to change/update your invoice details ⤵️

  1. Click on “Settings” and it will directly navigate you to the "Brands" section on the following screen.

  2. Then click on the “Billing” section.

  3. There you go! You can now change/update invoice details with ease. Click the “Edit” button to make changes to your invoice.

    What you can change/update in your invoice includes but not limited to:

    • Billing E-mail: Change/update the email address you want to get your invoice into your inbox.

    • Company Name: Easily change/update the company name you have registered or subscribed to.

    • Team Country: Update the country you have selected while subscribing in the beginning.

    • City: See/change the city you have added while subscribing.

    • Address Line 1-2: The system required you to provide two different Address Lines while subscribing to From this section, you can see/change the address lines you have added while subscribing to

Moreover, on the same screen, you can also change your plan or cancel your subscription.

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