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Can I change my listening topics' timezone for reporting?
Can I change my listening topics' timezone for reporting?
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Sure! You are able to change your listening topics’ timezone in your reports, and it is quite easy! 🕺🏻 Let’s uncover how to change listening topics’ timezone in 4 steps!

Step 1:

Click on “Settings” and then it will directly navigate you to the "Brands" section on the following screen.

Step 2:

After clicking on "Brands," a new window with a profile overview shows you detailed information about your profile. Go to the “Listening” section.

Step 3:

There you will see the Listening details you have added before, such as topics, keywords, and the status of the topics. To change the timezone of your competitors in your reports, click on the “Edit” icon.

Step 4:

The timezone menu will be visible for you to pick a new timezone. Select one and then hit the “Save” button! That’s it. 🤗

Have some questions on that page? 🤔

No worries, we have all the answers for you in our Introduction: Listen 101! 🤗

What is the logic behind changing your listening topics’ timezone?

Let’s reveal why you should adapt your listening topic timezone for your reports and how it can help you. 🤗 Here are the three bullets for you!

  • Understanding the importance of adapting your listening topic timezone for your reports is essential in unlocking valuable insights that can help you better understand your target audience.

  • By aligning your listening topics with the timezone of your audience, you can gain a deeper understanding of their interests, behavior, and current trends.

  • This knowledge can be used to optimize your content and messaging for better engagement and, ultimately, more effective marketing strategies. 💃

So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge in your industry, adapting your listening topic timezone is a crucial step. 💥

What happens if you decide to keep the wrong timezone?

Well… Keeping the wrong timezone for your listening topics can affect the accuracy of conversation results related to your keywords and harm your marketing efforts. 🥺 For instance, keeping the wrong timezone for your listening topics may lead to inaccurate answers to the question, "Who is talking about our keywords and when?" Similarly, relying on a listening tool with an incorrect timezone could skew your results. Rendering them useless and potentially leading to poor business decisions. 🤕

👍 So, double-check your timezone selection to ensure accuracy and better business outcomes! By making this simple adjustment, you can increase your chances of success and achieve your marketing goals. So, please consider adjusting them according to your audience. 🙏 It can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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