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It is for sure that connecting your Instagram profiles is tricky due to the platform's policy and API restrictions & complications. Let’s go through the troubles you might face while connecting your Instagram business profile to Sociality.io. Here is step-by-step troubleshooting advice on resolving the possible issues.

1) Is your Instagram Business profile connected to a Facebook Page?

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile.

Step 2: Go to your profile, and tap "Edit Profile.”

Step 3: Under "Public Business Information Section,” find "Page".

Step 4: Please make sure your profile is already connected to a Facebook page.

If you don't see a connected Facebook Page 🧐

Then it's done. We have probably discovered the main issue. In this case, you'll need to switch your Business profile to Personal and then reconvert it back to Business. This time make sure you connect to the right Facebook Page. (It is similar to restarting your phone or laptop when it lags.)

2) My profile is already connected to a Facebook page, but I still cannot connect my profile with Sociality.io. What should I do?

Sometimes this connection needs to be completed on the Facebook side too. To be sure everything's on track, we should check your Facebook page as well.

Step 1: Open your Facebook Page.

Step 2: Find “Settings & Privacy” at the top right corner.

Step 3: Click on "Settings" inside the Settings & Privacy menu.

Step 4: Go to “Linked Accounts”

Step 5: Click on “Instagram” inside the “Linked Accounts.” Please be sure your profile seems connected in this section. If you are already seeing your page is already connected, sometimes reconnecting also helps 🙋🏻‍♀️

Step 6: Be sure you do not see any "Review Connection" button in this phase. If you have this button enabled, you need to review your connection by clicking it before the next item.

3) Still not working? Let's check your page access 👨🏻‍💻

Step 1: Open your Facebook Page 🤗

Step 2: Find “Settings & Privacy” at the top right corner.

Step 3: Click on "Settings" inside the Settings & Privacy menu.

Step 4: Go to “New Pages Experience” on the opening screen.

Step 5: Navigate to the “Page access” section at the top of the left menu. On this page, you can manage and view access information of the teammates. In connecting the Instagram Business profile to Sociality.io, you should have a role including “Community Activity, Messages, Insights, Ads, and Content.

In case you don't have permission, please get in touch with any other Business admin and ask them to grant you the role. Or alternatively, ask them to connect Instagram to Sociality.io themselves. (So, you are free and have time to make a coffee 🙃)

4) No chance? Time to take a look at your Business Settings.

If you are here with me in this step, it may be about your Facebook Business Settings, too. Taking a look at it may be helpful 🙃

Step 1: Open your Facebook Page 🙂

Step 2: Go to “Meta Business Suite.”

Step 3: On the left menu - Go to “Accounts” and then click on “Instagram accounts.”

Step 4: Check if you can see your Instagram account is listed here.

Step 5: Also, you need to see that the page is owned by your Facebook Business Account, or the owner should give you the right permission.

5) If you have figured out the page is actually connected to another Facebook Business Account...

The real owner of the page should provide you necessary permissions to let you add their page to Sociality.io 🙃

Step 1: Ask the owner of the Facebook Business Account to go to “Meta Business Suite”

Step 2: On the left menu - They should go to “Accounts” and then click on “Instagram accounts”

Step 3: Then click on the page you want to get permission.

Step 4: Click "Assign Partners" and provide access for your Business ID.

6) If you still have a problem, here's the final solution👌

Please make sure you have the followings ⤵️

  • Instagram Business profile connected to a Facebook Page.

  • Tried to “Re-connect” the Instagram page.

  • Checked and assured that the page is owned by your Facebook Business Account.

So, we are moving to the last step. Ta-da 🥁

Step 1: Head over to Facebook (yeah, one more time 👀)

Step 2: Navigate to Settings & Privacy

Step 3: Click on "Settings" inside the Settings & Privacy menu.

Step 4: Find “Security and login” in the left menu.

Step 5: Click on “Business integrations” inside the Security and login menu. Sociality.io should be listed in the Integration area. Weirdly, but you need to remove it from there, so simply click Remove.

🚨 Attention, please 🚨

While removing Sociality.io from integrations, please DO NOT tick the pop-up you see in the visual below ⤵️ Otherwise, it will delete all the posts published using Sociality.io, and you will lose them forever 🥲

After this process, you'll also need to update your access tokens for your Facebook and Instagram pages which are already connected to Sociality.io 😅 In case you need it, here is our article on How to update your access tokens? ❤️ Yes, we know it's a bit of work, but sorry, it's Instagram's policy 😞


Head over to Sociality.io to connect your Instagram profile again; be sure you follow this guide 🙌

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