A part of our pricing policy and mission is to enable all features to all plans. This means that both Enterprise and Personal customers have access to all modules and we offer FREE MONITORING for all plans. However, we limit monthly listening mentions and followers. 

Pro: 250 mentions per month (But you can increase your limit)

Business: 500 mentions per month (But you can increase your limit)

Enterprise: You can define your limit depending on your needs

Of course, you can increase your limits by an additional purchase and please let us know if you need that.

Let's give an example of the type of content that counts as mention. 

In the Listening module with the Starbucks topic, our system counts as 1 mention:

  1. Tweets with Starbucks keyword

  2. Instagram posts with #Starbucks hashtag

  3. YouTube videos with descriptions & titles with Starbucks keyword 

  4. Any article, blog post, a public entry with Starbucks word

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