How to create listening topics?
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Social listening is actively gathering social data and clustering it into valuable insights related to the industry, brand, and competitors. By transforming brand mentions into actionable business insights and gaining a comprehensive understanding of online conversations, we can intelligently evaluate brand health. To begin harnessing the power of social listening, let's create listening topics and unlock a world of valuable information.

Here are the steps to follow when creating listening topics:

  1. Click on “Settings” and it will directly navigate you to the "Brands" section on the following screen.

  2. On the appearing screen, go to the "Listening" tab.

  3. Click on "+ Add New Topic”

With, you have the flexibility to create both simple and comprehensive listening topics. You can start with a simple topic using a single keyword, such as your brand name, to get a basic understanding of online conversations. However, the Listening feature allows you to dig deeper into details to achieve the best possible results and reach your marketing goals.

By creating comprehensive and detailed topics in, you can uncover valuable insights that go beyond surface-level mentions. Incorporating multiple keywords, industry-specific terms, and variations in language and sentiment enables you to capture a holistic view of the conversations relevant to your brand.

How can I optimize my results?

This is the page we will be going through to optimize your results ⤵️

Alongside a comprehensive explanation of each filter option, we'll provide illustrative examples from Starbucks company to enhance your understanding.

Sources: You can filter your sources by Twitter, Instagram, and the Web.

Or: All the keywords you include will be mentioned separately.

Keywords: Starbucks, Pumpkin spice latte.

The system will separately monitor all keywords, phrases, or hashtags with Starbucks and pumpkin spice lattes. So, it will show you two tweets. One that mentions Starbucks, another one about Pumpkin spice latte.

On Hold After: Mentions will not be monitored by the selected day.

Timezone: Select the timezone for a new topic, and your reports will be shown in your timezone.

Language: Turkish, English, French, Korean, Azeri, German, Arabic... Do you need another language? Just let us know!

Exclude: Mentions that include the keyword will not be monitored.

For example, during the PSL season, the majority of people talk about it. However, these conversations can easily be filtered by "excluding" the pumpkin spice latte keyword from monitoring.

Additional Filters:

  1. Include my own tweets: When selecting this filter, tweets from your connected Twitter profile will be monitored. By default, these tweets are excluded from the monitoring process

  2. Include replies to others: To monitor users' replies to other users' tweets, please check this filter. Please keep in mind that enabling this filter may increase your mention limit usage.

  3. Include retweets: To see all retweets in your results, please check this filter. Please keep in mind that enabling this filter may increase your mention limit usage.

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