You can manage the data you would like to receive as an e-mail from the Alert section by assigning an alert to that topic. 

(You’ll need to add a listening topic first in the Listening section. Click here to learn more.)

Step 1: Click on “+ Add New Alert”.

Step 2: Click on “Please select the topic.”

Step 3: Assign an alert name.

Step 4: Write the keywords you would like to scan under your topics

If you don’t put any keywords like “love, asap, terrible” ALL RESULTS will be sent to your email as an alert. Putting some keywords such as “hate, horrible, bad” with negative connotations will make sure that our system detects bad conversations, that you can be aware of right away. The same can be done to positive conversations by adding keywords such as “love, awesome, cool, the best”. 

Step 5: You can assign a followers limit

Only for Twitter, you can receive an alert for users whose number of followers exceed a certain limit. If you don’t want to receive an alert email related to the number of followers, you can leave “zero” in the corresponding field. 

Step 6: You can manage the frequency of the emails you would like to receive. 

  • Every 5 minutes

  • Every hour 

  • Daily

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