The Publish module is enriched with many additional features, and “Content approval” is one of them. Before we deep dive into the approval, you may want to take a look:

Introduction: Publish 101

🍭 Which platforms do you support in Publish module?

Approval is a feature that helps your team to collaborate effectively and maintain a consistent quality of your content by avoiding typos and mistakes 🤗

Good to know of the “Approval” in Publish:

  • Note that posts created by users with Approval Required Access will automatically land in the “Needs Approval” section that is displayed in yellow color on your content calendar.

How does content publishing work?

While creating a post for any social media you integrated with, at the bottom, you have two options:

Option 1:

Don’t tick Approve checkbox and "Send for approval". In this case, the post will appear on your content calendar in yellow color and won’t be scheduled directly. Yellow posts require review and further approval from users who have access to do it.

Option 2:

Tick the “Approve” checkbox. In this case, the post will be automatically scheduled and will appear on your content calendar in green color.

Note that even if posts were scheduled and approved – before they are published, you can Edit, Remove approval, Delete, or Duplicate in a preview window (that opens if you tap on a post).

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