Understanding brand health and its performance is crucial for efficient social media marketing. At Sociality.io, you are able to maintain 360-degree oversight of all connected social profiles, listening & engagement activities, as well as competitors’ insights all-in-one platform. 

Get unlimited Social media profiles, Competitors, Listening & Conversation activities reports in Excel, PPT, and PDF format. Also, you can set a custom schedule and get them right on time to your email exactly when you need it on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. 

Social Profile Report

You can create Facebook Business, Instagram Business, LinkedIn Business, Twitter, and YouTube page reports. In the Analytics section, you can either create a full report with all metrics or choose one of the following parameters:

  • Facebook Business: Fan, Reach, Engagement, Video

  • Instagram Business: Followers, Engagement, Stories

  • LinkedIn Business: Followers, Engagement

  • Twitter: Followers, Engagement

  • YouTube: Subscribers, Engagement

Instagram Story Report

While Instagram Insight provides only 2-week data metrics in non-exportable format, at Sociality.io you can measure your stories metrics with ease without time limitations. Utilize data from stories reports to make smart, data-driven decisions. All reports are exportable and can be sent directly to your email whenever you need it.

Competitors Report

To get the competitor analysis reports go to the Analytics module and find “Competitors”. 

From the top settings bar select social media network, then select one or several competitors’ social media accounts, all/fan/engagement, define time frame, and click “Create”. A detailed competitor report will appear for your analysis.

You can schedule automatically generated reports with the same parameters to your emails at a specified time (daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly).

Listening Report 

Discover valuable insights about brand health and step closer to understanding your audience. Our reports provide your stakeholders with visually appealing graphics and charts that intuitively report important metrics and show your progress and gaps for improvement. All reports are unlimited and can be downloaded in Excel, PPT, PDF formats.

  • Get to your report by selecting the keyword 

  • Filter the sources of the incoming data from the Sources tab

  • Filter data processing. Prepare separate reports for sentiment, attribute, and category from the process filter menu. 

  • Define the time frame

  • Schedule automatic reports specific to your business needs to easily track your most valued social data on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. The Listening report will be sent directly to your email in Excel, PPT, PDF formats right when you need it.

Conversation Activities Report

Get a comprehensive report on your conversation activities: from simple metrics such as average response period and time distribution of replies to auto sentiment analysis of your engagement. Sociality.io helps you to analyze your conversation activities and boost your team's effectiveness by empowering them with meaningful data. 

In the Analytics section, find Conversation Activities. 

Select one or several social media pages > Choose process filters > Time frame > Click “Create” 

You can download a report by clicking on the PPT icon or schedule automatic reports by clicking on the calendar icon.

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