To get started with you need to connect at least one social media account. enables you to manage the following social media accounts:

  1. Facebook

  2. Instagram Business

  3. LinkedIn Business

  4. Twitter

  5. YouTube 

Note that we do not support Facebook Groups, Pinterest, and Google+ for now ­čśö

Before we get started, first make sure that you are logged in a native social media website.

Step 1:

Go to your profile and find "Brands" section.

Social media marketing agencies who manage several companies/organizations at the same time might benefit from creating separate "Brands" that work as folders for other brands' social media profiles. This way you won't get lost in between similar Twitter profiles, for example. 

After clicking on "Brands" a new window with a profile overview shows you detailed information about your profile: number of users, monthly mentions, competitor profiles, etc.

Step 2:

Click on "Add New Social Profile".

Step 4:

From a newly opened window choose a social media platform you want to connect with.

Step 5:

Click on "Connect".

Step 6: Login into a  social media platform if necessary.

Step 7:

Edit your page by choosing a color, timezone and click "Save".

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