To start benefiting from features, you'll need to connect at least one social media account. However, sometimes following the steps from this guide doesn't work. Here is a rundown of the probable causes that prevent our system from authenticating your social media pages.

Are you using an adblocker or antivirus software?

Please disable adblocker or antivirus software while connecting your pages, since some of these programs block as well.

Are you using tracking protection on your browser?

Some browsers (like Mozilla and some others) provides better control for your data through their software. Actually, it's good and we support them! But unfortunately, in cases like ours, advanced tracking protections block social media integrations, including 😔 Please be sure you have standard controls before connecting your pages.

Is your page new or inactive?

All social media managing platforms determine your page's limit based on a number of users who engaged with your page in the past 24 hours. If your page is new or inactive, it may be limited by rate limit. Thus, you won't see your social media page in the list while connecting it to In this scenario, please activate your pages to manage them via third-party platforms. For example, you can promote your posts and pages to increase their activity.

Can't you see your Instagram profile?

To those users, who can't connect their Instagram profiles, has prepared a dedicated article addressing the issue. Click here to find out more!

None of these works? Let's rebuild!*

If you are still having a problem connecting your page after following all of these steps, it may be a time to check your permissions from the scratch.

Please follow the links below and remove your connection. After that, you can try to add your pages again but this time please be sure you are providing necessary permissions to to connect your pages.

For Facebook & Instagram:

For Twitter:

For LinkedIn:

For YouTube:

*After this process, you'll also need to update your access tokens for your pages which already connected to 😔 Yes, we know it's a bit work but sorry, it's better than not connecting your pages 😅

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