At we are using Google's AI & Machine learning product called Natural Language API. It uses machine learning to reveal the structure and meaning of the text and enables you to extract information about people, places, and events. You can find more information about the API here:

Auto sentiment analysis is important for Listening mentions. Moreover, it analyzes conversations and engagement in your inbox. What does it mean exactly? Well, simply speaking. If you want to discover "negative" comments, direct messages or mentions and address them personally,'s auto sentiment analysis helps you to do that. The same goes for "positive" and "neutral" sentiments. You can reward or thank positive information spreaders for your brand. 

How to enable Automatic Sentiment Analysis? 

Step 1: Go your profile

Step 2: Click on "edit" icon at the top corner of your brand

Step 3: Tick "Auto Sentiment Analysis"

Step 4: Save!

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